Un nuovo concorrente per Google: si chiama Cuil.com

28 07 2008

A poche ore dalla sua apertura e questo nuovo motore di ricerca è stato visitato da decine di migliaia di curiosi.

Ecco in poche parole l’essenza di questo nuovo agguerrito concorrente di Google che è stato creato da tre ex ingegneri alle dipendenze di Brin & Page:

“The Internet has grown exponentially in the last fifteen years but search engines have not kept up—until now. Cuil searches more pages on the Web than anyone else—three times as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft. Rather than rely on superficial popularity metrics, Cuil searches for and ranks pages based on their content and relevance. When we find a page with your keywords, we stay on that page and analyze the rest of its content, its concepts, their inter-relationships and the page’s coherency. Then we offer you helpful choices and suggestions until you find the page you want and that you know is out there. We believe that analyzing the Web rather than our users is a more useful approach, so we don’t collect data about you and your habits, lest we are tempted to peek. With Cuil, your search history is always private. Cuil is an old Irish word for knowledge. For knowledge, ask Cuil.”

Qui potete trovare un estratto della FILOFOFIA CUIL : http://www.cuil.com/info/our_philosophy/




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